6 Times Fawad Khan Looked Liked The Professor From Money Heist!



Most of us have fallen too deep into the obsession of stalking Álvaro Morte a.okay.a the Professor from Money Heist after bingeing the most recent season. However, we’re additionally gushing over the appears of the dapper Fawad Khan who after stalking we’ve figured is the doppelganger of Álvaro Morte.

It’s not simply the identical pose in footage, these two have the very same jawline and bushy eyebrows that might make any lady weak within the knees.

Here are six occasions when Álvaro Morte and Fawad Khan seemed like brothers.

See for your self!

1. When they each dressed to impress in a tux for the purple carpets

2. They pull off denim because it was meant for them and likewise they’ve the identical pose. Again.

3. Can you see the resemblance on this shut up? We’re pondering the nostril has an enormous celebration to play.

money heist

4. Well, exhibit 4!

money heist

5. We’re not even attempting to steer you anymore. Just let the photographs discuss.

Minus the uncanny resemblance, these two heartthrobs have the identical sorts of Instagram postings when involves the protection of individuals.

6. And okay, verify this out!!

And then, verify this out:

Have we proved our level? If you additionally comply with Money Heist and imagine that the 2 of any form of resemblance, please do tell us!

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