Best moveset for Chandelure in Pokemon GO


With the Halloween season lastly right here, Ghost-type Pokemon have taken over Pokemon GO. One of those Ghost-types is the fan favourite Chandelure. Introduced in Pokemon Black and White and introduced over to Pokemon GO with the opposite Pokemon from the Unova area, Chandelure has been a staple of the Pokemon franchise.

With the introduction of the brand new Halloween Cup, gamers are enticed to make use of a Ghost-type Pokemon on their workforce now greater than ever. For gamers who wish to use Chandelure, listed below are some good suggestions for utilizing it in Pokemon GO’s Competitive Battle League.

Chandelure in Pokemon GO: The Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon has many resistances

Much like a number of different Ghost-type Pokemon, Chandelure is constructed to be a glass cannon attacker in Pokemon GO. With an enormous assault stat of 271, Chandelure is greater than able to carrying groups in phrases of dealing injury. Where Chandelure falls brief, nonetheless, is in its different stats. Chandelure solely has a protection stat of 182 and a stamina stat of 155.

In phrases of matchups, Chandelure advantages from its typing that gives it with many extra resistances than weaknesses. Chandelure is a Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon which suggests it takes tremendous efficient injury from Rock, Ground, Water, Dark, and different Ghost-type assaults. For resistances, Chadelure takes much less injury from Poison, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy, Normal, Fighting, and Bug-type assaults.

In phrases of a moveset, Chandelure has a few completely different choices to run. For quick assaults, Chandelure can run both the Ghost-type assault Hex, or considered one of two Fire-type assaults, Fire Spin and Incinerate. It is beneficial to run both Fire Spin or Incinerate as each of those assaults deal essentially the most injury.

For charged assaults, Chadelure has the addition of a Grass-type assault. This assault is Energy Ball. While it does present protection towards three of Chandelure’s weaknesses, it’s by no means used in Pokemon GO just because the probabilities of Chandelure being put in a disadvantageous matchup and surviving lengthy sufficient to make use of the assault are extremely low. It is beneficial that Chandelure runs Shadow Ball as a substitute on account of its common vitality price and boosted assault energy.

In abstract, one of the best moveset to run on an offensive Chandelure in Pokemon GO is Fire Spin and Shadow Ball, whereas one of the best defensive set is Incinerate and Shadow Ball.

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