Groom Shed Tears During Mother-son Dance At His Wedding (Video)


The mom and son

The lovable second a groom was shedding tears in the course of the mother-son dance at his marriage ceremony has been shared on-line.

The man who was anticipated to bop alongside his mom appeared to have gotten overwhelmed by the entire state of affairs and couldn’t assist however cry like a child whereas within the arms of his mom.

Watch The Video Below:

In response to this emotional show, netizens have given their opinions as regards the person’s motion, whereas some see nothing incorrect with it, others have shamed him as they likened it to a infantile behaviour.

See reactions beneath:

osy_cynthia wrote:

“Omo this one go be my mom said,my mom said”

jaysugargirl wrote:

“😂 😂 😂 Big baby

temmy.el wrote:

“I like guys that aren’t afraid to be emotional😍😍”

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