Jordyn Woods Flexes On The ‘Gram With The Gifts She Received For Christmas


Jordyn Woods shared a beautiful look on her social media account for Christmas and she or he additionally made certain to point out followers the presents that she obtained from her man. Check out a number of the posts under.

A fan mentioned: “Christmas came early, christmas in july, christmas queen jordyn,” and another person posted this: “Go head boo you got those Drizzy Drake eyebrows…. Just kidding you’re always fabulous Mrs Claus Brows always popping.”

Someone else mentioned: “Hey y’all. In the spirit of Christmas, Please can anyone here assist me with some lil money for some groceries and food items, I’m laid off at the moment and I gotta get my kids something to eat, as we didn’t have anything last night. Please I’m a single mom, don’t laugh or judge me for asking for help. It took a lotta courage before I could do this. Please assist, I’m so sad doing this, but I got no other option. I feel so lonely with my kids here. No one is even checking up on us to know how we are doing. I really need y’all help and I’m so sorry if my request offends you.”

A follower mentioned: “Wow so hottie and beautiful Hello my dear sweetest friend. I’m your big friend Becuse i really like you so much that’s why i already follow you long time but why you do not back my follow request?”

She additionally shared the good present she obtained:

“WTF!! I thought last night was enough and then I woke up to this!! My forever Santa!! I love you @karltowns !! I’m speechless!! You never fail to make me feel like a queen! WTF THE BROWN we talked about!?!? With the rose gold too!?!?  I’m so sad this is the second year in a row that covid prevented us from being together on Christmas but your presence was felt. “

A fan mentioned: ‘God I see what you might be doing for others I’m baby too congratulations Jordy.’

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