Sounds like the Halo Needler is finally getting the Nerf blaster it deserves


The Halo Needler is considered one of the most memorable online game weapons ever designed: an alien rifle that shoots homing spikes of crystalline plasma that explode. While clearly taking some inspiration from The Fifth Element’s “replay gun” in form and performance, it’s gained a following of its personal. Now, Hasbro has introduced a foam-firing Nerf duplicate of the Needler which may finally do it justice.

The $100 Nerf LMTD Halo Needler follows the firm’s Aliens Pulse Rifle and The Mandalorian Amban Phase-pulse blaster in asking the query: what if Hasbro constructed a cosplay-grade Nerf blaster for its largest followers as an alternative of one thing that should promote like a toy? The reply is a 10-round totally automated blaster with light-up spikes whose lights routinely wink out as you hearth each, mimicking how every needle disappears whenever you play a Halo recreation.

What the present prototype seems to be like lit up.

It’s not a flywheel blaster, both, not the sort that spits out darts by flinging them between two wheels (and creating doubtlessly annoying spin-up sounds). Just resting your finger on the set off will activate the Needler’s lights, and pulling it prompts the full mechanism without delay: a motor-driven sequence of gears that pulls a spring-loaded plunger again to fireplace and advance the drum.

That’s immediately so a lot better than earlier makes an attempt at the Needler, like the awkward BoomCo version that required an additional hand to prime a protracted, uncanonical deal with at the backside, or this quick earlier cash-in from Nerf. It takes 6 AA batteries, and for the substantial worth you’ll additionally get a stand to show it. (You can depart the blaster lit up in show mode.)

You can discover it here on Amazon or Entertainment Earth or GameStop or Hasbro Pulse, however know it might take a lengthy time to reach: it’s not due out until the finish of 2022. It’s nonetheless in growth, although Hasbro confirmed off an early working model on its livestream today round the 2 hour, 14-minute mark.

Another have a look at the working prototype.

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