The best team for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with Empoleon


Empoleon can carry a team by way of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, however solely with the suitable teammates.

There are loads of nice causes to choose Empoleon as a starter: Water and Steel is a implausible typing. Coupled with that, it has robust Special Attack alongside with first rate bulk and can study Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, and many others.

The sport will throw some hurdles at Empoleon customers, although, which is why they must be ready with different Pokemon.

Which Pokemon needs to be paired with Empoleon?

The very first thing gamers ought to do after selecting Piplup from Professor Rowan is go into the grass by Verity Lakefront and choose up a Starly. This is as a result of Piplup has an enormous, looming downside on the second Gym: Gardenia.

This Gym chief makes use of Grass-type Pokemon, which hits Piplup for tremendous efficient harm. Starly and Staravia, although, can sweep Gardenia’s total team. It additionally helps with Maylene’s Fighting-type Gym and a number of different battles down the street when it turns into Staraptor.

The subsequent Pokemon Empoleon trainers ought to look for is a Budew within the grass north of Jubilife City. Trainers received’t be capable to undergo the sport with Piplup and Starly with out getting destroyed by Electric-type Pokemon.

There aren’t too many nice Ground-types within the early routes of Sinnoh, which is why Budew is an efficient choose right here. When Budew evolves into Roserade, it might probably additionally deal with Cynthia’s two Water-type Pokemon (Milotic and Gastrodon).

When gamers attain Eterna City, they’ll lastly get entry to the Underground, the place they’ll positively wish to search for a Houndoom. This varieties a Fire-Water-Grass core with Empoleon and Budew, all of which examine one another’s weaknesses properly.

Houndoom may single-handedly beat a few of the upcoming Gym leaders. Fantina (Ghost-type), Byron (Steel-type) and Candice (Ice-type) all develop into laughably simple to battle with this Pokemon. Houndoom may beat Aaron and Lucien within the Elite Four.

Also within the Underground, gamers can hunt for Togepi. When it evolves into Togekiss, this Pokemon will assist quite a bit in opposition to Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh League. As a Fairy-type, Togekiss can hit Garchomp for tremendous efficient harm in addition to Spiritomb.

To finalize the team, trainers ought to look in Wayward Cave for a Gible and evolve it into the omnipotent Garchomp. This Pokemon usually destroys most opponents. Specifically, although, it might probably beat Volkner’s Electric-type Gym in addition to Cynthia’s Lucario.

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